International Business Experience

The Washburn University School of Business offers its students two major international business experiences to give them a global understanding of business practices. They are seeking to raise money for students to help offset the cost of the Europe and Asia trips.


The Washburn University School of Business offers, in collaboration with Catholic University of Leuven, our students a work and cultural experience in Europe. Washburn students work in teams with Belgian students for two clients: an American company and a Belgian company in parallel. At the beginning of the spring semester the two projects are decided between the two universities and the companies. The Belgian students are coming to Topeka in early March. The mixed teams will start working for the project defined by the American company. The project will be finalized in May before commencement. In June, our students leave for Belgium where they will work and finish the project for the Belgian company. After the work is done and presented to the company, Washburn students will have a cultural experience and visit several countries including Luxembourg, Germany and France.


The Washburn University School of Business is leading an international business experience for junior and senior students. The partners are the Wuhan University of Science and technology (China), PXL Limburg, Hasselt (Belgium) and University Metodista, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Students in mixed teams are working on social media and other business situations for Chinese companies. The mixed student teams (American-Belgian-Brazilian-Chinese) are negotiating with their Chinese clients the problems that need to be solved, analyzing the companies and developing action plans to solve the problems. The project is a semester-long activity that ends with a trip to China to finalize and present the conclusions and recommendations in a workshop where the management of the companies are participating. The students have both work and cultural experiences while traveling to Shanghai Beijing Wuhan and Hong Kong.

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