Mass Media 25th Anniversary Fund

Help the mass media department celebrate its 25th anniversary. Through your generosity, mass media will stay true to its mission of the pursuit of excellence. Your gift as part of the #ALLforWU campaign will make a real impact in four key areas:


1. WIFI Film Festival

The WIFI  Film Festival will run from  Thursday, April 11, 2019, to Saturday, April 13, 2019, on Washburn University’s campus  and is open and free to attend for  both the Washburn and Topeka communities.   

The WIFI Film Festival will feature a variety of events, including the viewing of film submissions, alumni events, the presentation of awards to filmmakers, a featured  DACA and immigration  documentary by  filmmaker  Alan Holzman from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, and a  late night  discussion with Alan about his film. Your generous gifts will help make this festival a reality by making submissions free for artists, providing awards for winning films, contributing to the cost of hosting the film festival and helping us provide educational opportunities for artists. WIFI will feature films by Emmy Winning Director Alan Holzman and actor, director and producer Shia LaBeouf. 


Read more about the WIFI Film Festival:


2. Technology 

The mass media department has a large number of majors. Our faculty teach classes that require access to the latest technology, which includes industry-standard software and hardware.  

Mass media courses train students to tell stories through multiple formats and adjust to the swift pace of technology. Students gain the skills to be adept using a variety of digital and traditional platforms and almost every class gives students the opportunity to do real-world work with industry professionals in local businesses and non-profit organizations to make sure graduates are competitive in the field. 

3. Scholarships

The mass media department faculty believe in giving students a well-rounded and rewarding education so they can gain a fulfilling career and find their place to change the world. Scholarships make all the difference in providing the access and opportunity for students to attend the mass media program at Washburn and get their start in life with us.  

4. Experiential Learning with a Travel Component 

Providing unique opportunities for students to learn about the world through first-hand experiences is an important goal of the mass media department. Students need to be able to take their knowledge gained in the classroom and see it put into practice. We do this through unique classes faculty have created that include travel components so students can learn outside the traditional classroom. Mass media provides three main experiential learning classes that include travel. These are:  

1. Filmmaking in Society: A Practitioner’s Guide to the Film Industry in Hollywood  

2. International Media Systems: A Case Study of Mainstream Media in Paris, France 

3. Walt Disney & Society: Exploring Marketing and Advertising of the Disney Corporation in Orlando, Florida 

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