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On October 27, 2018, Washburn University featured the Jazz Ambassadors: United States Army Field Band in a special performance at White Concert Hall. The full-auditorium included Veterans and their family members; WU Students, Faculty and Staff; and community members.  KTWU was there to film this powerful special, featuring the incredible musical talent of the United States Army Field Band, and premiered on KTWUHD on November 29, 2018.


KTWU is known nationally for our passion to deliver high-quality productions to public television stations across the United States, and it is not cheap to package content for this level of distribution.  We have put together an account to fund our national distributions, and would like to add funds to this account which will give us the ability to distribute “Jazz Ambassadors: United States Army Field Band” to public television stations nationwide.  KTWU’s goal is to distribute this special in May 2019 for Memorial Day programming.  We would allow licensing to continue for 2 years to allow for public television stations to air the show as many times as they want, in particular around Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Day, and other days of military significance.  National distributions are not cheap, as we have to pay producers services fees, satellite fees, promotional fees, closed-captioning fees, etc., in order to package the content to the specifications required by the FCC and our public television distribution agencies. To cover our costs for this distribution, KTWU needs to raise approximately $4,000 to pay all these fees and work in a national mailing to promote the show and encourage air dates from our public television partner stations.


Currently, there are not a lot of performance programs available for air that feature the patriotism and extreme talent of the U.S. Army Field Band, or any other military band units. Because of this, we believe we will have a large number of stations that will license "Jazz Ambassadors: United States Army Field Band" for their program schedules around the nation around Memorial Day and other similar holidays like Veterans Day, for the two years the show will be distributed to public television stations.  Thank you for your consideration and support of KTWU and our mission to feature, nationally, the talent of the United States Army Field Band, filmed right here at White Concert Hall at Washburn University.

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