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Hub of International Academic Exchange

Washburn University and the Topeka community are proud to host the upcoming Academy of African Business and Development Annual Conference. This event presents a unique opportunity to showcase Washburn's commitment to academic excellence and community engagement on a global platform.

Washburn, known for its vibrant academic environment and inclusivity, is the ideal location for this international gathering. Hosting the AABD Annual Conference not only elevates our institution's profile but also brings together diverse perspectives and expertise, enriching our local academic and cultural landscape. It's a chance for us to contribute to and learn from the global academic community, fostering connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

However, to make this event a resounding success, we require financial support. We are specifically seeking funds to provide transportation for delegates from the airport to our campus, ensuring their arrival and participation is seamless and stress-free. Additionally, your contribution will play a crucial role in covering registration fees for Washburn faculty and staff. This support is crucial in enabling our local educators and researchers to present their work, engage with international peers and receive invaluable feedback that can enhance their research and teaching practices.

Your donation will not only facilitate the logistics of this important event but also demonstrate a commitment to fostering educational excellence and international collaboration. By supporting us, you will be directly contributing to the enrichment of academic discourse and the promotion of innovative ideas and research.

We believe that with your support, the AABD Annual Conference at our university will be a landmark event, setting a precedent for future academic conferences and positioning our university as a hub of international academic exchange.

Gifts to the Business International Academic Exchange should go to the School of Business Conference Fund.

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1 $2,000 Men's and Women's Golf 98
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4 Mulvane Art Museum $11,150.00
5 Dean's Fund & Scholarships - Law $9,425.00
Hub of International Academic Exchange Match
The Washburn University board of trustees will match dollar-for-dollar up to $500 in gifts made to support the upcoming Academy of African Business and Development International Conference at Washburn.
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