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The Art of Enameling


Building on the success of the new Introduction to Jewelry course offered by the art department in fall 2023 and funded in large part by Day of Giving contributions last year, this project will expand art educational opportunities for students with the purchase of tools and materials for a new course, The Art of Enameling (no prerequisite necessary). Enameling is one of the oldest forms of work combining glass and metal to create jewelry, small scale sculpture and wall pieces. Enamel is colored, powdered glass that is fused onto metal to create colorful designs and patterns on the surface. Enameling is also used in industrial applications to create common objects such as enamel cookware and appliances.

There are many artistic techniques possible with enameling, and this new course will teach students how to apply them in their artmaking. Enameling opens up the exciting world of adding color to traditional metal jewelry making. Successful funding of this project will help the art department meet the needs of students, art teachers and community members who wish to expand and build on their artmaking skills. No other venue in the Topeka area offers enameling instruction or has enameling equipment for student use (to the best of our knowledge currently). Therefore, this course and the equipment and materials to offer the course, will fill a gap in creative instruction at Washburn University and in the surrounding area.

Giving financially to this project will help purchase the specific tools and supplies required to teach enameling. Furthermore, many of the tools and equipment purchased last year with Day of Giving funds will be utilized in the Art of Enameling course, therefore getting “double duty” from past donations.

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Art of Enameling Match
The Washburn University board of trustees will match dollar-for-dollar up to $500 to the art program enhancement project, The Art of Enameling.
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