Henderson Hall Renovation

Henderson Learning Resources Center is Washburn’s academic nexus, a center of scholastic life and a pivotal building for much of the learning that happens on campus. Nearly every student will pass through its halls at some point in their time at Washburn, it’s one of the university’s most heavily-utilized buildings, and it contains 25% of all classroom space on campus. It is also the home to our School of Business, the College of Arts and Sciences’ social science departments, handles a large portion of the School of Nursing’s undergraduate classes, and is home to the university’s media labs and Honors Program, among others.

It was also built in 1969, in a day when the primary considerations for its construction were its ability to handle film and slide projectors for lectures, and its ability to survive a direct hit from a tornado. It is long overdue for a significant, foundational overhaul. It often seems like the learning that goes on in Henderson these days happens in spite of, not because of, the building itself.

So we are proud to announce that Washburn is embarking on what may be the most consequential single renovation in the university’s history: a major overhaul of Henderson Learning Resources Center to make it the academic nexus of campus that we need, and that our students and faculty deserve.

YOU can help make this happen, make sure it happens right, and make a gift that will directly and significantly impact the academic success of every Ichabod.

Donations to kick off a renovation of Henderson will help us:

  • Expand the space and give the entire building a functional overhaul to reflect the needs, usage requirements and opportunities of today’s students, teachers and departments; 
  • Create flexible, adaptable learning spaces, classrooms, and new collaborative spaces, and reclaim square footage underutilized by anachronistic design;
  • Improve accessibility for students, teachers, and visitors alike and create a building that reflects well on Washburn;
  • Modernize the infrastructure to support the leading-edge labs, workshops and media spaces housed there and make life easier for every student and teacher in the building;

A Henderson renovation will empower our students and faculty, facilitate the full spectrum of activities a building as pivotal as Henderson must support, and give Washburn a center of academic life to be proud of. Join us in making this dream a reality!

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Highest Number of Gifts
Gifts of any size matter, and they all add up to make a major difference at Washburn University. These projects or funds have the highest number of gifts making an impact today!
Rank Prize Fund Designation Gifts
1 $1,000 Mass Media Program Enhancements 91
2 $1,000 Adopt-A-Turtle 89
3 $500 Leadership Institute Council 50
4 $250 Football Program Fund 45
5 $100 Golf Program Fund 38
Henderson Hall Renovation Match
Central National Bank is honoring Steve Kitchen, bba ’70, h ’05, for his longstanding service to their board. They will match dollar for dollar up to $5,000 gifts supporting the Henderson Learning Resources Center Renovation Fund.
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