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Multicultural Student Leadership Conf.

Leadership/Mentoring Conferences target first-generation students, students with disabilities and students from historically marginalized and underrepresented minority communities. The conferences allow the students to learn about resources available to help them complete their college education. These students are often at-risk and the least likely to graduate within five years. Providing these students with coaching, additional resources and the opportunity to be mentored by faculty, alumni and recent graduates will have a significant impact on their ability to be successful. 

To create a more inclusive campus, it is imperative to give at-risk students a fun and relaxed opportunity to meet other students who have similar challenges in acclimating to the university environment. This conference creates an opportunity for students to be themselves and to be appreciated for who they are, despite the challenges they face in getting a college degree.

Highest Number of Gifts
Gifts of any size matter, and they all add up to make a major difference at Washburn University. These projects or funds have the highest number of gifts making an impact today!
Rank Prize Fund Designation Gifts
1 $1,500 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee 88
2 $1,250 Mass Media Program Enhancements 71
3 $1,000 Ichabods Moving Forward 60
4 $750 LinC Bonner Scholars 56
5 $500 Project Non Nobis Solum 54
Highest Dollar Total
Your generosity shapes Washburn University's future and the opportunities available to students. Thank you for giving to these projects and departments!
Rank Prize Fund Designation Raised
1 $1,500 Saying Yes - Business Dean's Fund $15,200.00
2 $1,250 School of Law Dean's Fund for Excellence $7,055.00
3 $1,000 School of Business General Scholarship Fund $6,830.00
4 $750 Tennis $5,600.00
5 $500 Diverse Elementary Teacher Initiative $4,685.00
Multicultural Student Leadership Conference Match
The Washburn University board of trustees will support dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000 gifts toward supporting multicultural students who attend leadership conferences.
$1,000 MATCHED
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