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The Leadership Institute seeks to further develop students into ethical and intentional leaders who value diversity and are prepared to immediately exercise effective leadership in today's changing society by cultivating the study of leadership and facilitating transformational learning experiences designed to challenge, motivate, and inspire. 

We strive to facilitate the ideal Washburn leadership experience through empowering students to practice and refine their leadership talents and skills through experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Academically, students can earn a leadership minor or certificate. Outside the classroom, students practice leadership through co-curricular, transformational experiences. These immersive community and campus experiences provide students the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned throughout their college experience to make a positive impact. This year, during Day of Giving, the Leadership Institute is asking donors to help fund these transformational experiences for students. 

In the past, co-curricular opportunities have included sending students to leadership conferences, attending international competitions and volunteering in the Topeka community. Students can serve on the Student Leadership Council or even help facilitate the Leadership Institute's very own Leadership Challenge Event™. The possibilities are endless because leadership is everywhere and can be practiced in a multitude of contexts. 

Here at the Leadership Institute, we are firm believers that leadership can also be practiced by anyone. Students from every major are encouraged to join the LI and can apply for any of the opportunities that interest them. 

Your generous donations will help the Leadership Institute continue to offer hands-on experiences designed to give students the opportunity to hone their leadership skills so they may become effective leaders and change agents in their workplaces and communities after college.

“Being involved with many aspects of the LI, I've gained more experience and life skills than I ever thought possible. I've gotten to travel to new cities, plan fantastic events, and learn leadership from amazing peers and speakers. I couldn't have asked for a better college experience.” - Taton Smith, Washburn University Senior

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