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The Washburn Black Student Union is a non-profit student organization that collectively embraces and promotes a positive and professional image of the black collegiate experience. We are raising fund on Day of Giving to increase the number of students we send to the annual Big XII Conference on Black Student Government. We are not only students seeking educational excellence, we are also geared toward making a difference at Washburn University and the surrounding communities. We strive to create independent, responsible, positive young adults who are also financially, politically and socially aware leaders. This conference is one way we do that. Our organization is open to any Washburn student who embraces diversity and is a positive, innovative, open-minded and dedicated Ichabod.


As an organization, we provide a voice for diverse populations on campus and in the community. Further, we do so, in order to promote acceptance for ourselves and those around us. We have done this by successfully advocating for the creation of Washburn University's multicultural center. Not only did we advocate for the center, but we continue to be actively involved with its construction by working with faculty and staff on the project. In addition, WBSU requires all of our members to complete community service hours. We volunteer at Antioch Life Center's annual Halloween event, Hallelujah Night. Our members help set up, run games, take photographs and help break down the event. We also organize drives for black hair products, in which we collect hair products specific to black hair and donate them to the YWCA. We hold this drive in conjunction with our annual event, Don't Touch My Hair: A Workshop on Black and Textured Hair.


Our organization also attends the annual Big XII Conference on Black Student Government. This conference is a unique opportunity for our members. It occurs every February at a different Big XII Conference school. The 2020 conference will be held at the University of Oklahoma. The conference is a four-day event that brings together hundreds of black students from all across the nation. The conference consists of workshops, events and socials all geared toward black collegians. Some of the workshops presented in the past were on finance and navigating college, as well as discipline-specific workshops. Some of the additional events held at the conference are step shows, job fairs and gospel concerts.

The Need

Washburn Black Student Union has sent a small number of representatives to the conference every year. This year, we have a goal to send more members to represent our University. However, to accomplish this requires a significant financial commitment. As a result, we are sponsoring this Day of Giving project in hopes of garnering your financial support to send as many of our members as possible. We would appreciate a donation of any size, as every bit helps. If you would like to help WBSU send students to the Big XII Conference on Black Student Government we would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!

Black Student Union Conference Match
The Board of Trustees will match gifts dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000 to send students to the annual Big XII Conference on Black Student Government.
$1,000 MATCHED
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